Thursday, April 24, 2014
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ACA Foundation Endowment

Supporting Air Commandos

Recognizing that the Air Commando Association needed to expand our capabilities to provide additional support to all Air Commandos past, present and future, we established an endowment program. This portion of our outreach is managed in the endowment arena, and is known as the “Air Commando Foundation Endowment”. This Foundation is fully certified 501(c)3 for tax purposes, and donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.
One hundred percent of donations made to the Foundation are returned to support the Air Commando community as all overhead costs are managed separately in the Air Commando Association operations department.
The ACA is also pleased to have financial advice for our foundation through a relationship with the Ross Perot Jr. Organization, represented by former CSAF General Teed Michael Moseley.
As the mission of Air Force Special Operations grows, so does our need to support our Air Commando warriors and their families. We continue to look for new opportunities to provide critically needed support and assistance to members of the Air Commando community.

• The ACA Foundation Endowment is totally supported by the operational side of ACA. Therefore funds contributed to the Foundation are totally 100% dedicated to supporting Air Commandos and their families….no overhead costs
• The ACA Foundation is considered by the USSOCOM Care Coalition as the face of AFSOC for benevolent needs. In that role the Care Coalition comes to ACA first when there is a need
• ACA Foundation is very agile and can literally react at a moment’s notice.
• Our contributions to assist AFSOC personnel and their families range from $150 to slightly over $10,000.

ACA FoundationFor more details and current ACA Foundation news click here.
DONATE to the ACA Foundation today and help support wounded Air Commandos and their families.


The appearance of military and government personnel is not meant to suggest an official endorsement by the Department of Defense of the ACA Foundation or its fundraising efforts.


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The Air Commando Association is dedicated to continuing growth, strength, and support of American Special Operation forces through education, charity, research, and historical preservation. It is our Honor ensuring that American military forces continue to have the Special Operations capability required to implement U.S. strategies.

Association membership includes active duty, reserve, retired, and separated military personnel, both officer and enlisted, as well as civilian and industrial supporters who are and/or were assigned to, attached to, or served with or supported, any Air Commando/Special Operations Unit.

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