Sunday, March 29, 2015
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Hall of Fame

Air Commandos have been deeply involved in overt and covert campaigns in all areas of the globe spanning the time frame from World War II (Europe, Pacific, China, Burma, and India), Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Desert Shield/Storm, the Balkans, Kosovo, Iraq, Africa, Panama, Colombia, the Philippines, Afghanistan and many more. Given the number of Air Commandos involved in these operations, there are certainly heroes who may or may not have been rewarded for their contributions. These are men and women who served gallantly, usually without acclaim for themselves. In some cases, only their closest comrades, friends, or family members know the true sacrifices and contributions these Airmen made on behalf of the Air Commando legacy. As such, the Air Commando Association is seeking your help to properly recognize these professionals and their accomplishments by selection into the Air Commando Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame nomination criteria, along with a nomination form, is available here. Please consider nominating worthy Air Commandos by submitting a strong award package for the committee’s review.

Some additional information that will assist in selecting the right inductees includes:
- Strong basic write-ups with specific examples of accomplishment
- Good supporting documentation: active duty medals, and other official documents or citations highlighting SOF-specific contributions
- How the nominee supported fellow Airmen, Air Commandos, and their local SOF communities during their active duty service
- Service and contributions to the AFSOF community that went beyond active duty careers (i.e., contributions made on behalf of SOF after leaving active service

Again, we urge you to take a moment to reflect on your experiences and identify leaders who made a difference. Then, nominate these Air Commandos to the 2014 Air Commando Hall of Fame. It does not require an arduous amount of work and is truly rewarding for the inductee and the entire association when the board selects the right Hall of Fame members. ACA appreciates your time on this worthy cause and please remember that packages are due to ACA no later than 31 July 2014.

We encourage everyone to review the criteria and procedures and send in your nomination for 2014. All submissions must be received by 31 July 2014 in order to be considered for the 2014 selection process.

To view a full list of all Air Commando Hall of Fame inductees, please click here.

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The Air Commando Association is dedicated to continuing growth, strength, and support of American Special Operation forces through education, charity, research, and historical preservation. It is our Honor ensuring that American military forces continue to have the Special Operations capability required to implement U.S. strategies.

Association membership includes active duty, reserve, retired, and separated military personnel, both officer and enlisted, as well as civilian and industrial supporters who are and/or were assigned to, attached to, or served with or supported, any Air Commando/Special Operations Unit.

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